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Location:United States of America
Great heaving dork, see interests for details

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abrahamic religions, accordians, akira yamaoka, akkad, alan moore, ammonites, androgyny, anti-oppression, anti-racism, arabic, arthur c. clarke, assyriology, astronomy, babylon, balalaika, baten kaitos, batoids, biology, butch, catloaves, cats, central asia, cephalopods, chaos magic, cheese, christianity, chrono cross, chrono trigger, climatology, coffee, creepy eyes, creepy stuff, cuttlefish, czech, devonian, digital devil saga, dinosaurs, education, end of the world, fantasy, feminism, final fantasy tactics, fish, folk magic, folk religion, folkways, foodways, furniture, gay, gender fluidity, geography, geology, gnosticism, goetia, gross things, harlan ellison, harpsichord, hebrew, herbs, hermeticism, history, human evolution, ichthyology, intangible cultural heritage, islam, islamic architecture, judaism, klezmer, language, linguistics, little dudes, louisiana, lovecraft, madeleine l'engle, malice mizer, marmots, meteorology, mysticism, mythology, nautilus, noctilucent clouds, occult, octavia e. butler, octopus, old books, ordovician, paganism, pansexuality, persona, philosophy, pickles, pipe organs, plov, post-apocalypse, pre-christian beliefs, propaganda posters, puella magi madoka magica, queerness, ray bradbury, rpgs, russian, saga, science, science fiction, shadow hearts, sherman alexie, shin megami tensei, social justice, socialism, spices, squid, squirrels, stephanotis floribunda, sturdy cats, sumer, sumerian, surrealism, symbolism, tasty food, tea, tefl, tesol, tetsuya takahashi, thylakoids, traditional folk music, transgender, transhumanism, ugly chairs, utena, vegetarianism, vitas, weather, x-japan, xenogears, xenosaga, yasunori mitsuda, yoshitaka hirota, zdzisław beksiński, zoology, zoroastrianism, zydeco
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